dsc02032.jpgdsc02033.jpgAt first I thought it was a joke. A little game Brenda and Jaypee wanted to play and I supposed I wanted to play along. They were in Subic for the Ad Congress where – we know very well – Neil Gaiman would be for a book signing. The two said they’d bring a book – a signed book, that is, by Mr. Gaiman himself – for me when they come back. Sure. Why not? After all, I’ve been agog to see the writer since it was announced he would be spending several days in the country. But I didn’t really believe in the promise. I reckoned they would either be too busy or they’d be too lazy to sign their name to register for my sake. They were pulling my leg, just for fun. But lo and behold! They’re back from Subic and with them is a Beowulf manuscript signed by Neil Gaiman!

Brenda and Jaypee, you’re my favorite persons for this month.


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