Linux horror

So I got an EEE PC with pre-installed OS Xandros Linux, right? So far I love almost every bit of it: size…very portable, battery…efficient, office applications…nice, web browsing…great, wifi adapter…perfect, installing new applications…


Although I use OpenOffice in doing most of my documents, I’m used to Windows OS so I’m kind of lost when it comes to Linux. If you’re new to Linux (like me) and you’d want to install some applications, say, LimeWire, GOOD.LUCK. It’s not as easy as “download and install” like in Windows. You have to know that the term “terminal window” and other technical terms are vital to be able to understand and eventually successfully install applications on Linux.

So for those of you out there who are going bald trying to figure out how to install Limewire on EEE PC Linux, after several days of frustration, i tried the following, and – HALLELUJAH -it worked:

1. download the Limewire package for Ubuntu/debian from the limewire site ( and save it in your Home directory.
2. press ctrl-t to open terminal window
3. type “sudo dpkg -i LimeWireLinux.deb” (without quotation marks)
4. type “limewire”

WAIT. I know, I know. Some may get the error message saying there’s something wrong with Java and the system may not have the right version. OK, so you need to install the correct JRE version for your system. One way to do that is to get Eclipse (You may be scratching your head wondering what the hell it is. Google it.). But before that, you may need to enable your system’s Full Desktop Mode (KDE) first, and here’s how you do it (you have to be connected to the Internet):

1. press ctrl-alt-t to open up a terminal
2. type “sudo bash” to gain root access
3. type “apt-get update”
4. type “apt-get install kicker” and type “y” when asked if you want to install
5. type “apt-get install ksmserver” and type “y” again
6. type “exit” to exit root account
7. type “exit” to close terminal
8. press power button and you will see the Full Desktop option on the left, press it to reboot computer to Full Desktop mode
9. If you reboot again your computer will go back to Easy Mode. go to Settings tab in easy mode, click on Personalization, and select the check box next to Full Desktop Mode. you will now have Full Desktop mode everytime you boot up.

Whew. Now the next problem is downloading a JRE for Limewire. As I’ve said earlier, you can have
that by using Eclipse. To install it you need to do the following:

1. download EasyEclipse Expert Java (easyeclipse-expert-java-1.2.2-2.tar.gz) to My Documents (default) from
2. right click and extract all to My documents
3. go to sub directory created easyeclipse-expert-java-1.2.2 and launch it (double click)
4. if you get an error message, rename jre sub directory in sub directory easyeclipse-expert-java-1.2.2 to jre_unused
5. go to sub directory created easyeclipse-expert-java-1.2.2 and try to launch it again

Now that you have Java taken cared of, you can now try relaunching LimeWire. See how much work you need to do to install just a single application? Linux is a great OS once you get the hang of it. But geez, it’s far from being user friendly.