Cell phone novels, anyone?

In Japan, the 10 best selling novels of last year included five which were originally cell phone novels. In a country where people’s habits consist mainly of manga and comic books, that is far from being surprising. In 2000, Maho no i-rando, a home page making Web site, allowed its users to upload works and readers to comment after it realized that many users write novels on their blogs. The number of its listed novels ballooned to 1 million last month. One of the famous cell phone novels was Love Sky (or Sky of Love) by Mika. It was read by 20 million people on their cell phones/computers and was made into a movie last year.

I think I might have heard about Love Sky before. But most Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean romantic movies don’t interest me. The plots are too simple and predictable and I would bet a month of my salary (and it’s not that much..LOL) that these Japanese cell phone novels are of no difference. The lack of depth and poor development of plot and characterization would kill me. That is why I was also never a fan of fan fictions.

At least, these budding young Japanese “novelists” now have a new source of income. That is, if their novels get published as a book. If not, they don’t get paid no matter how many millions of people read their novels online.

As for me, I’d stick with the traditional novels.